Our Philosophy

Satir Systems is a professional therapy and coaching center offering services to individuals, couples, families, partnerships, teams and organizations that are seeking to unlock their ability to access the best they and others have to offer. Our work is inspired by and predicated upon the work of the late Dr. Virginia Satir, pioneer in communications and family systems therapy. Our philosophy suggests that as humans, we all have a basic universal yearning to be valued, to belong, to experience our lives creatively and productively. All of this is easier with support.The heart of our methodology is based on the belief that the level of one's self esteem directly affects not only how we feel about ourselves but how we communicate with others. Similarly the quality of our relationships with our selves and others is a major determinant in our levels of productivity, health and joy. Satir System professionals help bring into awareness and transform old and familiar patterns of communication that are defensive rather than connecting.

Our work is based on a mind, body, spirit model appreciating connection between thought, feelings, and our physical selves. Our work is positively directed, health oriented and resource building. All people have the resources they need for change, growth, healing, and learning. We understand that people are motivated towards growth, connection, and esteem.

A major goal of therapy is for each person to grow into accepting responsibility for themselves and their choices.

We believe that therapy needs to focus on health and possibilities, not pathology.

Our work is goal oriented and process based. We are interested in feelings, behavior and thoughts.

We respect the power of early familial learnings taught to us through both explicit and implicit experiences and communications.

Finally, we believe that change is absolutely possible with support.

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